Customer Stories


Leading agribusiness turns to data science for smarter farming

Shepparton is the "Food Bowl of Australia" as around 25 per cent of the total value of Victoria's agricultural production is generated in this area.

Leading Victorian agribusiness needed to better understand fruit growing conditions and turned to data analytics to help increase growing margins particularly: (a) maximise yield, (b) fruit size, and (c) fruit quality.

A Strategic decision has been made to look at existing readily available data with an aim to maximize better yields.

Assistance has been sought to collect and centralize the data into a single dataset whereby each variable can be analysed, correlated and used for model building to predict an outcome of a dependent (target) variable. Read more > 


leading independent tool wholesale & distributor Opts for cloud solutions to improve operational efficiencies

Discount Trader is Australia’s leading online discount tools supplier who specialise in retail of brand new and genuine parts and products. 

Discount Trader uses MYOB Enterprise v19.xx to meet operational needs including payroll, invoicing, purchasing, inventory, stock control, and all statutory reporting needs. Staff have been founding it challenging to generate interactive reports for actionable insights. Existing reports are very flat and limited in functionality, do not offer data interactive and cumbersome to generate. There is no clear visibility on month-on-month sales, and monthly quantities sold. To improve efficiency with warehouse product placement for quick shipping, the staff wanted to understand, on daily basis, what the highest selling items + quantity combinations are so that these items can be placed in an easy to find storage location(s) and close to the packing stations. Read more >